The Invisible Museum offers opportunities for artists, curators, writers, and others in the contemporary creative community who are looking for non-profit support. Selected projects or program will be those that seek to further an understanding of creative and conceptual processes, such as: provocative exhibitions and thought-inspiring dialogues. Over the course of the Invisible Museum's 20 year history, we have offered a number of programs, including:


The Invisible Museum's Curator-In-Residence program provides opportunities for national and international curators to become familiar with regional artists, galleries, arts organizations, and museums with the goal of furthering the reach of these individuals and organizations.


Our Critic-In-Residence program seeks to expose regional arts communities to the art press who write for national and international publications. Writers and critics are invited to explore these selected markets giving them an opportunity to gather information that will lead to editorial coverage of our community.

Traveling Exhibits

The Invisible Museum produces contemporary art exhibitions that are designed to travel to underserved small and mid-size colleges and universities. These exhibits provide those communities with opportunities to experience artworks created in larger art markets with the goal of creating inspiring dialogue.

Special Events

At the Invisible Museum we produce special events and exhibitions that seek to further the dialogue in the art community and as such they are produced based on conceptual gaps that exist in the regional market. Examples are our Dinner with Collectors, Artist Studio Visits, Salons, and Art Installations.